Australia’s #1 Direct to Consumer Hearing Aids

New Zealand’s #1 Direct to Consumer Hearing Aids

200+ Five Star Reviews

5 Star Rating

200+ Five Star Reviews

5 Star Rating

Australia’s #1 Direct to Consumer Hearing Aids

New Zealand’s #1 Direct to Consumer Hearing Aids

200+ Five Star Reviews

5 Star Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

The PocketAid technology has been purposely designed with various frequency configurations and volume levels so that it is suited to work exceptionally well for a broad spectrum of mild to moderate hearing loss.

Our audiology insights page shows various examples of audiograms (hearing test results) of some of our Pocket Aid users who have submitted their audiograms along with their reviews.

Although you do not need a hearing test to successfully utilise a PocketAid hearing aid, many of our customers have at some stage had a hearing test before.

Having a hearing test done is always beneficial for your own information, and to give you a more comprehensive understanding of your hearing levels.

If you have had a hearing test done, we have audiologists who can review your audiogram and confirm your suitability for hearing aid benefit. Simply email your hearing test to [email protected].

Yes! If you wish to claim with your private health fund utilising your extras cover, we require a copy of your hearing test results (simply email to [email protected] and we will email you a short form to complete.)

Your results will be checked and confirmed with one of our audiologists.

Following purchase of the devices, we will provide you with a receipt and provider number for claiming.

We recommend you contact your health fund directly to check your eligibility and amount of cover you have available for hearing aids.

The Jaspa 3 Dura hearing aid is our fully rechargeable model. You do not need to change batteries. The lithium-ion battery within the aid also does not need to be replaced.

The Jaspa 3 BTE hearing aid is our non-rechargeable model. It takes a zinc air 312 battery. Most people receive 10- 14 days from a single battery, and the length varies depending on how many hours a day you are using it.

The Spot Mini 6 CIC hearing aid is non rechargeable. The size of the Spot Mini 6 hearing aid is much smaller than most in-the-canal hearing aids, and this is one of the reasons we use a zinc air size 10 battery (to maintain its tiny size and weight of 1 gram). You will get up to 7 days from a single battery.

Jaspa 3 BTE: One packet of six (6) batteries via the PocketAid website costs $2, so for one year supply for one hearing aid the cost is approximately $15-24.

Spot Mini 6 CIC: One packet of six (6) batteries via the PocketAid website costs $2, so for one year supply for one hearing aid the cost is approximately $24-30

PocketAid hearing aids are not suitable for those with severe hearing loss across all the dominant speech frequencies, or those that classify their hearing difficulties as severe or profound.

PocketAid hearing aids are designed for use by Adults only, and are not suitable for children with hearing loss. All children with hearing loss should be seen by a Paediatric Audiologist via the Australian run program.

Yes, we have a direct support line via our main phone line (1300 903 355). We have both customer service and audiology support available, including audiologists and hearing specialists available as required to support our PocketAid customers.

We also have a comprehensive Instructional Videos page, where you can watch various videos on maintaining and managing PocketAid hearing aids. We strongly encourage our customers to watch the videos, as they are the easiest way to address cleaning and care of their devices.

No, part of the PocketAid mission has been to create simplicity and ease of use, and there is no need to use Bluetooth or connect anything (APPs etc) to any of the PocketAid range of devices.

Absolutely. See our accessories shop for purchasing all spare parts required. We also provide hard cases and drying kits, and extremely low-cost batteries. You must enter your email address you used when ordering your Pocket Aid hearing aids before you can buy spare parts for your Pocket Aids, as we only sell parts and batteries to our customers who have previously bought a pocket aid from us.

All pocket aids come with a 12-month limited warranty on any defect and will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the customer. We also offer an additional low-cost option to increase your warranty. After adding your specified hearing aids via the PocketAid Buy Now page, and selecting checkout, you can then choose to add an additional 1-year warranty.

If you are not happy with the product in any way, please return it to us at PO Box 209, Varsity Lakes, QLD 4227 for a full refund of the product. Please call us before returning a product to us, so that we can assist you if required, and also be aware of your incoming return. Please note if you purchase additional batteries from us at the checkout, we cannot refund the batteries once opened.

All pocket aids come with everything you need straight out of the box to be up and running (and hearing) within just a few minutes. Please see the Jaspa 3 Technology Page and the Spot Mini Technology page to view the box inclusions.

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