Australia’s #1 Direct to Consumer Hearing Aids

New Zealand’s #1 Direct to Consumer Hearing Aids

200+ Five Star Reviews

5 Star Rating

200+ Five Star Reviews

5 Star Rating

Australia’s #1 Direct to Consumer Hearing Aids

New Zealand’s #1 Direct to Consumer Hearing Aids

200+ Five Star Reviews

5 Star Rating

Embrace Discreet Sophistication with the Spot Mini 6 CIC Hearing Aid:

Spot Mini 6 CIC Hearing Aid

Sleek, lightweight and
effortlessly simple

Spot Mini 6

Our smallest option, the Spot Mini 6 sits entirely within the ear canal.

$565$595 NZD
$965$985 NZD
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    Spot Mini 6 Hearing Aid

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If you wish to claim a rebate with your private health fund through your extras cover, we require a copy of your hearing test results (simply email to [email protected]) and we will email you a short form to complete.


Your results will be checked and confirmed with one of our audiologists.


Most health funds allow between $600-$1200 total rebate cover for hearing aids. We recommend you call your health fund first to confirm your level of cover and eligibility for claiming hearing aids, as we cannot do this on your behalf.


Following your purchase of a PocketAid hearing aid or pair of hearing aids, we will provide you with a receipt and provider number for claiming.

The Spot Mini 6 CIC, ultra-compact at just 1 gram, nestles entirely within your ear canal without needing external components. From the front, it’s undetectable, in fact it can only be seen when observed from a side and rearward angle into the ear canal.


Its tan beige faceplate is designed to blend seamlessly with the ear canal’s shadow, enhancing its concealment. Additionally, the removal pin is ingeniously designed for effortless insertion and removal at your convenience.

Spot Mini 6 Hearing Aid - In Ear Example
World Renowned Digital Chip

World-Renowned Digital Chip

The Spot Mini 6 technology is driven by a digital microchip that ranks among the world’s best, ensuring unparalleled functionality and reliability.
Multichannel acoustic signal processing delivers crystal clear sound.

Hearing Aid

Advanced Speech Enhancement System

The Spot Mini 6 technology listens to the environment and adjusts accordingly to deliver you speech clarity regardless of your surroundings.
Utilising a multichannel acoustic signal processing system, the speech enhancement features are ready to listen and adapt to deliver the right level of volume for soft and moderate speech wherever you are.

Intelligent Noise Reduction

Intelligent Noise Reduction Algorithms

A comfortable listening experience is ensured with the use of an advanced noise reduction system, incorporating a multichannel compression system and sudden loud sound reduction mechanism (MPO) to reduce the volume of harsh and loud noises, while increasing the volume of softer sounds in the environment.

Unmatched Comfort and Style

Unmatched Comfort and Style

The sleek black Spot Mini 6 CIC hearing sits entirely within your ear canal. The Spot Mini 6 is engineered to fit the left ear canal and right ear canal shapes individually, (so you cannot interchange one aid between ears). The dome on the end of the device is the piece that sits most deeply within your ear canal, and you can choose from several sizes to suit your ear canal size and comfort requirements.

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Spot Mini 6 Technology:

Packed with all the important hearing aid features you need for every environment.

The Spot Mini 6 incorporates the full suite of PocketAid broad prescription hearing aid features below:

On-board controls 3 Programs, 8 Volume Levels check mark
Comfort and lightweight design check mark
Speech Enhancement Technology Advanced
Noise Reduction System Advanced
Battery System -Non-rechargeable -Size 10 Zinc Air Batteries -Up to 1 weeks use from a single battery
Feedback Cancellation System Premium
Spot Mini 6 Push Button Control Visual

Spot Mini 6 Controls and Program Selection

The Spot Mini 6 uses one push button to control the volume and programs. You should only need to adjust the settings when you initially receive the hearing aids and begin to use the hearing aid.

Using the hearing aid in your environment and listening to the sounds around you will enable you to easily adjust the sound to your preference. From here you can just pop them in and they will operate automatically.

Spot Mini 6 Programs

Spot Mini 6 Programs have been adjusted to match different degrees of hearing loss. For those with very mild loss, Program 1 is best. Program 2 and Program 3 incorporate louder listening levels for those with more moderate degrees of hearing loss.

Program 1

Super Mild - Automatic

Program 1 is designed for those with very mild hearing loss. This program is most suited to those with only mild high frequency hearing loss and normal low and mid frequency hearing levels.

Program 2

Mild - Automatic

Program 2 is designed for those with mild hearing loss. This program is most suited to those with mild to moderate mid and high frequency hearing loss.

Program 3

Mild Plus - Automatic

Program 3 is designed for those who have mild low frequency hearing loss, and mild to moderate mid and high frequency hearing loss. We recommend utilising a larger closed dome when using this program, especially at the louder volume levels.

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What's In The Box?

Your Spot Mini 6 comes with everything you need included in the box, including cleaning tools, various dome sizes to fit any size ear canal,  and a user guide.

Battery Pack

1x packet of size 10 zinc air batteries  (6 batteries)

(2-3 month supply per aid)

Protective Case

Hard Protective Case

Cleaning Tools

All cleaning tools + wax guard replacements pack.

Various Dome Sizes

Assortment of Dome Sizes

User Guide

User Guide

PocketAid Origins: Australian Born

Have you heard the PocketAid story?

It’s a great Australian story of how thousands of Australians with hearing loss helped us to innovate a direct path to clear hearing. Watch the video to learn more.

Watch The Video
Watch The Video
Play Video about Jaspa 3 Pocket Aid Video

Unlock Your Hearing Potential

Pocket Aid is the Key to Instant Access to a World of Sound.

Unlock Your Hearing Potential

Unlock Your Hearing Potential

Pocket Aid is the Key to Instant Access to a World of Sound.

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Spot Mini 6 Frequently Asked Questions

To insert the Spot Mini 6 CIC hearing aid, you simply place the hearing aid in your ear canal in the correct position, and gently push on the faceplate until the device reaches fully into place within your ear canal. You should always be able to feel the faceplate of the aid within your ear canal with your finger.

The Spot Mini 6 CIC hearing aids are designed to fit the shape of the right ear and the left ear separately. You must use a right sided Spot Mini 6 CIC hearing aid for the right ear, and a left one for the left ear. Each hearing aid has a tiny R, and L written on the hearing aid for determining between the left and right side.

The tiny plastic line that sits at the bottom of the hearing aid enables easy removal of the device from your ear. You gently pull on the removal line to remove the Spot Mini 6 hearing aid from your ear.

We have designed the removal pin with optional positions. The removal pin can even be completely hidden by being placed within your concha (the bowl of your ear).

You generally do not need to use the removal pin to insert the hearing aid, it is designed to allow you to remove the device.

The power consumption of the battery depends largely on two things, how many hours a day you are using the aid, and the volume level that you are using it at. If you are only wearing the aid a few hours a day, then you will get up to two weeks from a single battery. If you are wearing it much more, say 10 hours a day, and you needed to use the louder programs, then you will get between 5-7 days.


We supply very cheap battery packets on the website, for $2 a packet. In a packet there are 6 batteries, so one packet should last you 1-2 months per aid.

One year supply of batteries will cost approximately $24 for one hearing aid. The size 10 batteries are available via the accessories shop.

It is not rechargeable, because to make the aid rechargeable, we would have to significantly increase the size of the aid, which would affect the discreet nature of the device and also the comfort. The Spot Mini 6 is very tiny weighing just 1 gram. We challenge you to find a smaller sized device of this style!

Most people replace their hearing aids every 3 years. If you take good care of your hearing aids, they can last up to 5 years. Many people purchase a drying kit for their hearing aids. These are very inexpensive (and available on the website) and you simply place the hearing aids in a drying container at night which removes any moisture from within the hearing aid. In Australia the humidity is high, and we recommend the use of a drying container at least once a week.

If you have hearing loss in both ears, you will do much better with two hearing aids. In fact, you will most likely do twice as well compared to using one hearing aid. The benefits to wearing two hearing aids over one is similar to that of glasses. Correcting both eyes brings much better focus, clarity, depth etc. The benefits to wearing two hearing aids has extensive benefits.


  • Improved signal to noise ratio. Expect to hear the speech amongst the noise much better with two hearing aids.
  • Improved balance and acoustic awareness. You will feel an equal level of sound in both ears, which brings with it a feeling of auditory balance.
  • Better localisation. Your brain using timing information from when sounds hits one ear and when sound hits the other ear to tell you which direction a sound is coming from. The use of both ears improves your ability to localise sounds in your environment.
  • 360-degree hearing. If you only fit one ear with a hearing aid, and you need a hearing aid both ears, then you won’t hear as well from the non-fitted side. The use of two aids gives you 360-degree hearing.


Are there circumstances where one aid is enough?

  • In situations where one ear has severely limited hearing or is considered a ‘dead ear’, or alternatively, if one ear has normal hearing, the use of two hearing aids is generally unnecessary. In these instances, a hearing aid would not be advantageous for the ear with either extremely poor or normal hearing ability.

As an electronic device, you cannot submerge the hearing aid in water. You cannot swim or shower with the hearing aids in. However, the hearing aid materials are well equipped to manage humidity and small amounts of moisture.

When using any hearing aid, including the Spot Mini 6 CIC, it’s essential to understand that the sound travels through your ear canal to reach your eardrum. Earwax in the canal can block this sound path, diminishing the aid’s effectiveness. This is particularly crucial for in-the-canal hearing aids, as wax can accumulate in the device itself, necessitating more frequent cleaning. By regularly ensuring your ears are wax-free, you can enjoy the full benefits of the Spot Mini 6 CIC without any complications.

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